Reflective Glimmer and Glance

Reflective Glimmer and Glance

Reflective Glimmer and Glance

It seeped over me quite unexpectedly

Airbnb Tiny House and Donkey Experience

and caught me off guard like a gentle summer rain.

I watch the scenery of my youth– old houses, stoic farms, roadside gardens.

Tactile roadside stopping posts announcing flowers, honey and eggs.

Clapboard buildings needing paint; restored structures proudly displaying pride.


I was lulled by the familiarity, yet, intrigued by the changes and challenges.

Yes, my bones had called me home.  It was supposed to be a bucket list, cross-it-off trip.

I found instead that I was nourished and inspired, both together, as I watched a boy leaning over his collie beside a pond.

I became a painting washed over with new color, secure in the back-drop of the old canvas hidden underneath.

Me, washed over and painted anew, at peace with the story now unfolding on this yet-to-be-told reflective glimmer and glance.

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