Is it Spring?

Is it Spring?

Hello, Friends:

Here I am in the blog again, at last. Our door opened with squeeky hinges, since I have been so lax. Time has flown by since I posted my first entry. We hosted a barn market in April, a mini Farm to Table dinner with college friends, many tiny house week-ends with new beginnings, donkey experiences, and sad family times.

Through all of this, I have been thinking of you and wanting to reach out. At last, I am able to do so. I hope to be a better communicator in the future. Like the fawn who has been hidden in the grass while mom forages, I have been that fawn, hiding and unable to go forward.

Look for me again. I am slowly emerging from the grass that hides me, and soon I will be seen and present.

Thinking of our next visit.  Celine

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